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However, witchcraft is a worship of those demons. The witch is enchanting and understands magic after his worship of those demons, and after serving the demons, and bringing them since they need, and then they teach him what he’s doing. However, there’s absolutely no need to be medicated, cause what each person heals, he could be treated at a hospital when he was recently and might not be treated. And perish in this disorder, even though introduced into the cleverest, physicians understand, and if it did not work term drugs and treatment, to the words of God Almighty:

It’s the legal magical treat(علاج السحر) which addresses magical by analyzing, so it is read from the best sura from the Qur’an: it’s al-Faatihah. It is recited to him. In case the reader recites the good, the believer who knows that what is at the conclusion of God and his destiny. It had been narrated about the power of faith, and regarding the piety and sincerity and replicated that the reader could evaporate magic and Care for the proprietor, God willing, has passed some of these companies may Allah be thrilled with them Badia will sting their Sheikh, meaning their Emir did anything and didn’t profit, they said to a companies

treat magic

He said: Yes, one of those recited al-Fatihah, therefore that he stood as though he had been busy in the mind of the brain immediately, and God recovered out of this wicked sting of their dwelling, along with also the Prophet peace be upon him said: (In the name of God, your brother, by all that hurts you and from the evil of each soul or eye, the envy of God cure you, in the name of God, your brother) three events. This is a great and fixed paper from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be on him). , because he is the Almighty who is capable of and has the extreme wisdom whatsoever, has stated in his book (Nevertheless he ordered him if he desired something to communicate for him) Yes / 82, praise is to Him and praise everybody what is spent and anticipated, and has the wisdom of everything in many Almighty.

It is mustahabb to recite the reading of the three Suras, which is: “Say:” Allah is one “and” Say, I seek refuge from the Lord of the fold. ” It’s supposed these drugs and the like are what is managed by this scourge: It’s magic and treats him from imprisonment because of his partner, and has tried it a lot, God rewarded him and may possibly be treated along with the introduction treated and alone, and might be treated by (Say God is one) and also Almozatin treated and independently. And it is really crucial that the therapist and the therapist have a true beliefs, and they have faith in God, and he also knows that the Almighty is your lender of matters, and that if he needs something which he had been and when he did not desire it wasn’t Almighty, it’s in his palms Almighty, God is precisely what he didn’t desire wasn’t faith and honesty With God in the reader and analyze it, the illness will evaporate instantly and God willing, and profit the sensory and ethical medication.