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If you’re in the market for a major purchase like a new car, or need some extra cash to fund a personal project, taking out a loan could be your best bet. A field researcher for the Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen (FPALY), Mohamed is leading the first leopard survey of its kind in Raymah, a fertile region in the craggy Haraz Mountains located about 60 miles southwest of Yemen’s capital, Sana’a.

Many banks may automatically sign you up for Leopard Money personal loan insurance, also known as credit life insurance or payment protection insurance when you take a personal loan, to cover the entire loan repayment in case the borrower dies or gets permanently disabled.

He credits Dr Shafqat Hussain, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Trinity College in Connecticut, US for establishing Project Snow Leopard in 1999 which successfully introduced a community-based livestock insurance scheme in one village in Baltistan.

Please contact our call centre 800 CBD (223) for checking your eligibility for CBD Personal Loan and detailed Personal Loan terms as product availability depends on terms stipulated by the Central Bank as well as on the Bank’s internal credit policy.

If you are seeking a Personal Loan, you can simply fill up an online loan application form after checking your Personal Loan Eligibility Moreover, you can use an online Personal Loan EMI calculator available at our website to calculate your affordability.