The Sewing Machine Toyota Super Jeans J15

The Toyota Super Jeans J15 is an ultra-versatile mechanical sewing machine available with 15 sewing programs . This model dedicated to domestic use will adapt to all types of fabrics and will, thanks to its ergonomic design, easy grip. The novice seamstresses as experienced easily find their happiness using this sewing machine signed Toyota , a brand which, over the years, has remained faithful to its commitment to the quality of its machines. Let’s start our overview of this model combining reliability, precision and ease of use.

Sewing Machine Reviews 2018

A Simple Sewing Machine

If some sewing machines give us a hard time, in both senses of the word, the Toyota SuperJ 15 stands out with a simple and pleasant handling . To do this, Toyota supplied with its model, a quick start guide (located under the hood of the machine) explaining the various basic functions of the machine. A large program selection button also accompanies beginner seamstresses to allow them to easily choose from the 15 stitches offered by this model. These points consist of two zigzag stitches , three types of straight stitches , four decorative stitches ,a double point and an automatic buttonhole in 4 steps, enough to allow your imagination and creativity to express themselves freely. This model is unfortunately not equipped with stretch stitches to sew jersey. To do this, it will go upmarket and turn to the other models of the manufacturer: SuperJ 26 or SuperJ 34 . One could also regret the lack of manual adjustment of the length and width of stitches to the image of these direct competitors, the Singer Tradition 2273 or the Brother FS40 , which offer this option.

A Complete Model for Thick Fabrics

The Toyota SuperJ 15 wants to be a complete and functional sewing machine, allowing even beginners to obtain a professional result. To do this, the machine is accompanied by a user manual and two embodiments to facilitate its use. Still with this in mind, many feet are included with the machine. We found a zigzag foot , a Overlock foot , a zipper foot , a foot buttonholes , p ied Blindhem and a special foot jeansaccompanied by its user manual and two examples of implementation to facilitate its use. In order to obtain an optimal and precise result, the electronic rheostat pedal makes it possible to precisely regulate the speed of the machine. The latter is, among other things, equipped with a wire guide to quickly thread your machine. In terms of safety, an ON / OFF switch can stop the machine at any time. To accompany its model, Toyota provides a wide range of accessories . We find two normal needles , a needle ball point and of course two needles jeans. Finally, empty cans, a buttonhole knife and a spool cover complete this range of sewing accessories.

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With a foot specifically designed for sewing jeans fabrics, this Toyota sewing machine is capable of sewing up to 12 layers of fabric , which is a huge advantage, especially for those who like to work on hems or fabrics very thick. The machine is also equipped with a lighted worktop , an upper thread tension adjustment knob and a lever to engage the reverse function allowing you to strengthen your stitches at the beginning and end of the stitching . Finally, the Toyota Super J15 offers a manual wire cutter and an automatic needle threaderfor a significant time saving. To facilitate the protection of its Super Jeans J15 , Toyota has also provided a flexible cover against dust. Despite its featherweight of 4.9kg, we regret the lack of a real handle.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy handling
  • Very good value for money
  • Special jeans foot
  • Width and length of the non-adjustable points
  • Absence of a carrying handle
  • Cover a little thin


Which User is Destined for this Sewing Machine?

Thanks to its ergonomic design , ease of use and the accessories that come with the SuperJ 15 , beginner seamstresses will be able to achieve high quality work at an attractive price . If you want to work on thick fabrics then do not hesitate, this machine is made for you.