Why You Need Bluetooth Headphones

If you have never before used a wireless headphone, here are five reasons why you should pay attention to them.

Each type of headphone is good in its own way: ” gags “, giant studio headphones , AirPods , sports , overhead , monitor – they all have their own raisins. However, if you’ve never tried a Bluetooth headset , then after using it, you may well reconsider your views on wireless headphones.

Surprisingly, they are wireless

Of course, to buy wireless headphones is already at least because they do not have wires . Not that we had anything against wires, but listening to music without dangling, tangling and restricting the movement of wires is a whole new degree of freedom. In addition, you do not even need to carry a player – it can be near or 5 meters away from you. All this allows you not to worry about grinding and tearing cables, about adapters, plugs and ports. And if you’re a sports fan, then once you go out to practice with a wireless headset from Jaybird or Jabra , you hardly ever want to go back to the wired liners .

noise cancelling headphones

Wireless technology is constantly improving

At the dawn of wireless technology, signal loss was common, and pairing devices was far from perfect. And this is not to mention that devices with this technology were incredibly expensive, and the quality of playback was frankly horrible. But these times are long gone.

Today, pairing quickly and reliably works with a wide variety of devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. So, Sony has provided AptX codec for Android for free to improve audio for smartphones. In addition, on the approach of the supernova version of Bluetooth 5, ready to provide twice the transmission distance and quadrupled throughput.

The cost of wireless headphones is also becoming more affordable. In addition, with the development of wireless headphones, the cost of earlier models is constantly falling, which can not be said for wired couples who seem to keep the price regardless of the circumstances.

As a result, it should be noted that with every day wireless headphones are getting better than their wired counterparts, and the quality difference between them is constantly decreasing.

Long battery life

The need to charge all portable devices is a real headache . Wireless mice, keyboards, smart phones, camcorders, cameras – all convenient and compact technology requires recharging. The same situation with a wireless headset.

Fortunately, the lifespan of wireless headphones easily goes up to 10 hours of continuous operation , which is more than enough to listen to music at work, several workouts in the gym or a series of jogs in the morning. This is not to mention that there are such headphones as Bose QuietComfort 35 with noise reduction technology, which will easily provide you 20 hours of trouble-free operation. Given that you in any case have to charge one or more devices, charging a pair of headphones will also become a daily habit. In addition, a number of wireless headphones allow you to connect trivially with a wire if the charge is over.

Some products have outstanding standby times: for example, a pair of Plantronics headphones overheads after six months may surprise you with a full battery charge. And the use of such a device will require charging about once a week. Given the cost, it’s quite a good price for wireless headphones for a long time.